Sunday, 16 November 2014

A perfect election strategy not so perfect

Harper, the man with the sneak-an-election-in-quickly-before-Canadians-notice strategy. Harper, the man with the I'll-use-big-business money to get majority strategy. Harper, you're slipping in the polls. It seems as if he thought this would be easy peasy, that his strategy would carry him through a rushed election. But when real issues came to the table and concerns over a real economic crisis came to head, his strategy didn't include a plan. He stuck to a script like a robot. But that script is not playing over too well with Canadians who are worried that the problems in the US will spill over the border. The script didn't factor that in. It didn't factor in real situations that would require real leadership. Harper looks like a dear in headlights, to say the least.

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